Counselling can be beneficial in addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, working with feelings, thoughts, perceptions and with conflict. Counselling may aid those who experience problems in finding, forming, and maintaining relationships. It is about helping and supporting a person to  attain self-awareness and understanding whilst undergoing a positive process of personal development.

Many who seek counselling have problems or past experiences which they find difficult to overcome. These experiences and problems often block the person moving forward with life and their relationships.

If you are facing a crisis or a period of change; If your future worries you or your past troubles you. If you feel you are losing direction and can’t cope or feel adrift, counselling may help.

I use an integretive theoretical approach to my work which includes psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural theory.

Individual counselling

Individual counselling can help if you find yourself in an emotional crisis and need protected time to work out  problems with someone who is not emotionally involved. It may be that you want to explore more satisfying ways of relating to others,  to increase your self-esteem; to get a different perspective on your life or to feel more in control of it. Perhaps you have problems you want to solve or issues that you wish to change, when you might feel depressed, anxious or lonely. You may have difficulties expressing yourself clearly, which in turn results in misunderstandings and unsatisfying relationships either in your personal life or at work.

Counselling is an opportunity to be listened to in a safe, non-judgemental and understanding atmosphere, which may then help you work towards a more positive and satisfying lifestyle.

Couple Counselling

Relationships change over time. The pressures of managing children, work, and finance might present a couple with challenges and worries which may become difficult and distressing. Communication with those we care about may suffer  and the resulting misunderstandings can become confusing and unmanageable. Life stage happenings such as illness and bereavement, parenting, growing older, and caring for relatives can place serious strain on the couple relationship. Coping with these life events leaves little energy  to nurture  important relationships.

Counselling can help couples improve their  relationships by enabling more effective communication and mutual understanding. This results in discovering new methods and resources of dealing with problems.

Couple counselling isn’t all about keeping people together if the difficulties can’t be resolved. Sad as it might be, a separation might be a solution for some couples. Counselling can be helpful in providing emotional support to reduce the pain and distress caused by relationship breakdown. The aim would be to help the couple separate with dignity and to maintain a  mutual respect whilst working through the impact on themselves and  children.

Psychosexual Therapy

Having a loving and fulfilling sexual life is one of the mainstays of a rewarding relationship. Sexual problems can lead to a loss of physical contact and may also have a major impact on other areas of life.

It is not unusual for people to experience sexual problems at some time in their lives and these can be difficult to discuss.

Problems might include:

Erectile dysfunction, a loss of desire or interest, premature or delayed ejaculation,   orgasmic difficulties, penetration difficulties (vaginismus), painful intercourse (dyspareunia) as well as the consequences of illness and disability.

Psychosexual Therapy offers individuals and couples specific treatment plans for  sexual problems which involve behavioural tasks that you undertake in the privacy of your own home.

I work with gender and sexual diversity in clients in an affirmative manner.

Sexual Addiction

The negative impact of sexual addiction can be devastating. Relationship breakdown, financial and work related problems, exposure to STDs, anxiety and shame, as well as intense highs and emotional lows are often experienced.

I offer therapy to individuals, partners and couples who suffer with, and are affected by sexually compulsive behaviour.

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