How I work

Initial Assessment

Our first meeting will be an initial assessment to determine the focus of the work and to ensure I am the right person to help you.

If at the end of this assessment we agree that counselling or psychosexual therapy are appropriate, we will discuss the timings of your sessions.

Our Sessions

Each session lasts an hour and we would generally meet on a weekly basis, but I can offer a flexible appointment system if preferred.

It is difficult to say how many sessions might be required. With counselling I would  initially suggest 6 sessions with a review at the end of this time to assess whether more is needed. Psychosexual therapy generally requires more sessions.


The cost of each session is £50. In circumstances of financial hardship, concessions are available so please feel free to discuss.


Cancellations should be made as soon as possible or at least 24 hours before our scheduled meeting. Sessions cancelled without this notice will normally be charged at the full rate.


I abide by the COSRT code of ethics and principles of good practice, which includes confidentiality. I will not share information from or about you unless I think someone is at serious risk of harm. In this instance I would seek to discuss with you first.

To find out more or book an appointment, contact me >